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Driving Donations in the world of Zoom

Covid-19 has forced everyone to think differently about how they're doing business. Non Profits certainly aren't excluded from this.

According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Half of charities are expecting a drop in donations in 2020. With 78% of fundraising dollars coming from online and Virtual Events, it's becoming incredibly important to have an online payment tool which covers the following 3 needs.

Donation Buttons:

Donation buttons are a key way to drive revenue from your website. Building out an entire custom payment system can seem daunting, expensive, and impossible with the millions of other things that your non profits is addressing each day, but with a Hosted Payment Page, you can streamline your online payments and increase donations!

Call To Action During Online Events:

Since most Non Profits get a significant amount of their donations from fundraising events, the shift to Zoom or other video conferencing software's have become a heavily frequented option. How are you using testimonials to drive donations? What if your attendees could donate from the chat box? You can achieve this by simply posting a link to the Secure Payment Page, and let people fill out their virtual envelopes during your event! Elevated Payment Solutions would love to discuss this option with you.

Monthly Charitable Giving:

Similar to the Call To Action, when you're following up with your attendees, are you providing them a way to donate after the event? Instead of setting up a lump sum donation, are you providing them the option to donate monthly?

All three of the above functions are what is needed to drive your online donations, and increase funding for your non profit. These functions are called a Hosted Payment Page, or HPP. Our HPP is included in our price, and allows us to get creative with you and your fundraising.

If you would like help setting up your Hosted Payment Page. Give us a call! 303.514.6317

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